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Critical Reasons To Undergo DWI Assessments To Regain Your License

When you lose your driver's license after driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you may want to regain it as quickly as possible. You may not be able to wait out the weeks or months for it to be reinstated. 

As part of a bargain with you, the judge assigned to your case may allow you to undergo professional, in-depth examinations to determine if you can safely drive again. You may get your license reinstated when you take part in DWI assessments where you live.

Gaining Limited Driving Privileges

When you undergo DWI assessments after license suspension or revocation, you may be able to regain limited driving privileges. You may need limited driving privileges so you can drive yourself to and from work or school. You may especially need them if you live in an area that lacks suitable access to public transportation. 

The DWI assessments can determine if you can be trusted to drive on limited privileges safely. If you pass them, you may be able to regain your ability to drive to and from school or work in a matter of days after your license is suspended or revoked.

Shortening Your Suspension or Revocation Period

DWI assessments can also shorten the period of time you must wait to regain your full driving privileges. You may need to regain them as quickly as possible, particularly if you are the only person in your household that drives. 

When you undergo DWI assessments, you can complete the requirements needed to show the court that you are not a danger to the public. You can prove that you are not prone to drinking or using while operating a motor vehicle again in the future. You may get your license back in a matter of weeks rather than months.

Lowering Your Sentence

Finally, the court may order DWI assessments to help you lower your punishment for driving under the influence. You may be granted probation if you complete the DWI assessments in a timely manner. You also may undergo court-ordered rehabilitation or perform community service instead of going to jail for your offense.

DWI assessments serve important purposes after you lose your driving privileges because of inebriated driving. They can help you regain limited driving privileges relatively quickly after your license is suspended or revoked. They can also shorten the amount of time your license is taken away from you and likewise lower your sentence for driving under the influence.

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